Compromise is good.

Sammers is quite happy it's quilt season again...

Altho his penchant for stretching out on fabric and/or cutting boards does entail some strategizing and compromise...

The blue fabric with orange figures in both pix is for Jess & H's quilt, shhh! I'm going ahead and posting since it's not super clear :)

Hey, change the calendar already! nyernt nyernt

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cmm a dit…

Kudzu Quilt's is the full name. It just looked like the fabric/needle/sewing area from a Hobby Lobby to me...but I don't sew nor quilt, so I honestly don't know the difference. It had stuff you can use to make stuff? I wish I could be more specific I'll try again tomorrow.

Jessica a dit…

Well, I guess we'll just have to keep it a secret from H. Hahahaha.

Sammers is so cute sleeping. How can you take a picture and not pet and squeeze him? I wouldn't have the willpower.

AUGH. I wish your package was there already. This living far apart thing totally doesn't work for me. I am far too impatient. Next time I make something for you I'm going to hope in a car and drive all night. Give it to you then drive back.

well maybe not, but it sounds good to me.