boggles me mind

So I was at Cambridge waiting for Michelin Guy #2 who was scheduled for 9h30. I was already a little perturbed because I thought it was for 9h and had arrived about 8h50, so actually could have had a little more time at the gym this morning had I remembered, but whatever. Anyway around 9h45 I remembered I needed to call Tiphaine and since MG2 had yet to manifest himself I dialed her up. Right then the coffee machine started being extra noisy and I went outside to talk to her with less noise, and there was MG2 sitting outside at a table.

Obviously another graduate of Meeting People For Appointments And/Or Lunch Dates 101 like Mr. Grandpa-Jacket, he of Chappy's fame back in the day who could not believe I would have arrived a few minutes before him and so thought it completely unnecessary to check inside the restaurant. I think they both dropped before Chapter 2: If Someone You're to Meet is not Outside the Given Establishment, Check Within.

Is this kind of shenanigans just to be chalked up to male ego or is it just Two Wacky People and they would probably act the same way if they had been born XX? (Chromosomally speaking, not dirty-movie-wise.)


All I know is we will never hurt for occasional (sometimes more often than occasional) proof that the world is virtually brimming with dorkheads. (I know, since sometimes the dorkhead spirit visits my own self, of course. Still, I always check inside and outside of a resto, etc., if I'm meeting someone, especially if it's been 15 fricking minutes!)

nyernt nyernt indeed!

(Oh sure! I could have checked outside for him but I maintain that with most people that would not have been necessary. So I reserve the right to a little closed-mindedness here. kee)

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Jessica a dit…

What is the deal with people like that?
Holy cow!