the good, the bad, and the potentially quite beauteous... (oh, & some babble)

1. The Good
Uh oh! At someone's gentle mentionings, I am vélo-capable again, having fixed Spike the Hand-me-down Mountain Bike's tubes and planning on new tires this fall if the dry rot sitch lets me pass that long. I must say it is nice to speed around town, especially with tutoring in the heat so there's a breeze and the travel is much quicker than even my standard perky walk. Sure, I don't get as much NYT Book Review fodder read, plus my new sun hat is rendered a bit obsolete, but it feels great to be on two wheels once more. But that's only part of the good, the main good is my new commuter pannier arrived today from Arkel, complete with plenty of room for teaching clothes and grading stuff plus interior independently-suspended laptop carrier. It even has its own rain cover that slips into a special pocket. Also, the pannier itself sits far enough back for heel avoidance as you pedal and has little locking levers under the rack hooks so that it can't pop off the rack no matter how big a bump you hit. Here's a pic of Spike, pannier-garbed:

2. The Bad
The What Literary Genre are You? quiz is the worst one of those blog meme quizzes to come down the pike in a Good Long While. Of course now you will be curious but I warn you. If you are as much of a literature lover as I, do not take this quiz. Do not pass "Go," do not collect $200. Without all the gory details, here are my results in a nutshell:
You scored as 18th Century Play, You are an 18th century play. You are silly, sexual and altogether fun! Richard Sheridan and Oliver Goldsmith are authors of your genre.
I mean, I have nothing at all against 18th century plays, but please, "silly, sexual and altogether fun"?! While I at times may be any or all three of those things, they certainly do not Sum Up the magic that is Susan in a very comprehensive way. Gimme a break, even the What Kind of Yarn Are You? one had me better. Anyway since now you are REALLY curious, here's the link. But please leave it for a day when you TRULY have nothing better to do at all, on the face of the earth, in the entire universe.

3. The Potentially Quite Beauteous

Please refer to Susanquilt '07 Report #2. :)


Well, I'm off. I completely forgot I wanted to go to the studio today as well as the gym and lookee here how it's already 4h30. Guess I will just see if my
thrown stuff is ready to trim or not and I won't throw anymore. For the record, I made a bowl the other day with the thinnest walls in tarnation. Seriously you'd have to be some kinda supernatural pottery goddess person to get walls thinner than that.

Three words:

Susan. Pottery. Mojo.

2 commentaires:

Anthony a dit…

Spike's a beauty. I haven't gottent the panniers for my Globe yet, but they may be coming soon. For now, I've made out well with the trunk rack.

Jessica a dit…

You scored as a The 19th Century Romantic Novel
You are the 19th century romantic novel. You love the idea of love and can't wait to meet your soulmate. Writers of your genre include Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters.

Hmmm. I don't even think I have read Jane Austen yet. Maybe I have, I can't remember. I know, blasphemy. I better get myself to a library.

i don't think I am particularly romantic. Who doesn't Love Love?