no apologies

I allow that at times I'm too apologetic, something I detest in other people I might add, so...? hmmm... bears further introspection I guess. But in the meantime here is a random sampling of things I'm not sorry about...

  • holding a grudge against laundry nazis
  • occasionally canceling tutoring just because I don't feel like it and need extra Susantime
  • hugging my cats every morning, but not in a crazy cat lady way at all no sirree
  • sweating more than any of the Barbies at the gym (let's see how fit they are at 44 if they continue to go pansy around sweatlessly on the elliptical trainer for 10 minutes a week, ha!)
  • feeling spiteful about the Barbies at the gym
  • paying money for a gym that has occasional Barbie surplus, 'cause - yo! have you seen my quads lately?!
  • really really really liking sushi
  • really really really liking fondue
  • really really really hating smoking
  • being snobby about literary adaptations, esp. Austen stuff
  • going on record at last to say that Patricia Rozema's adaptation of Mansfield Park is the worst excuse for an Austen treatment in the history of film, including the 1986 BBC Northanger Abbey
  • owning the Patricia Rozema Mansfield Park only because it was in the 3 for $10 bin at Hastings last year and 'cause it's Austen after all, and has good people in it and is visually beautiful altho completely inept and misleading story-wise thanks to crap direction
  • buying the Ethan Hawke Hamlet for basically the same reasons except that it was Ethan who was the problem instead of anything else, but come on, how could I resist having my filmed Hamlet's total 9 instead of a mere 8?!
  • getting rid of the Ethan Hawke Hamlet again after paying Good Money for it since even the fun of having 9 different filmed Hamlet's isn't a big enough payoff for Ethan Hawke's crap Hamletness, and this despite the presence of the sublime Diane Venora!
  • cussing perhaps more than my share
  • thinking bad thoughts about flaky people in my life
  • screaming in my car about stupid Auburners who can't figure out how to negotiate the 4-way stop by my house (read: most of them)
  • making that sign about my lost posters for the bulletin board in the hall even tho someone decided to steal it as well, compounding the very issue I was lamenting!
  • never (yet) acting on finding replacements after I complained to high heaven even tho Waste Management said they would pay
  • bopping
  • blatantly not doing a fair amount of the trying-out-of-Blackboard-toys during the workshop since many of them would never apply in French I if their existence depended on it
  • being kinda inexplicable in some people's eyes & occasionally in my own
  • nabbing the truck when Scott and I split up - one of the best and truest-to-self decisions I ever made
  • really wanting to jump Dominic West's bones
  • really really really liking panachés even tho Americans I describe them to usually think they' sound gross
  • not explaining what panachés are to blogreaders who don't know
  • not shaving or using make-up unless I feel like it and then only for me (well mostly)
  • thinking I look damn hot in my Springer Skirt
  • not explaining what my Springer Skirt is
  • thinking I look pretty hot in my Funeral Skirt, too
  • having spent way too much money for any one person's lifetime on fountain pens and rubber stamps even tho nowadays I hardly use either and being too distracted these days to get busy on Ebay and make any of the money back by getting rid of them
  • really really really loving my new sun hat
  • sticking to my no-grade-rounding policy
  • being more and more truthful with student lameness
  • thinking that it's instructors who don't tell it like it is who enable or at least prolong student lameness
  • going on record to say that Veggies-To-Go by Kroger is slipping badly and everyone should stop going there
  • eating cold pizza
  • wrinkles, schminkles!
  • 2 commentaires:

    Jessica a dit…

    I, personally, am not sorry for hating a certain neighbor who thinks it is okay to vacuum at 10:45 at night. It is not okay if you have neighbors who have ears.

    It is also not okay to start laundry at 10:45 at night if the laundry machines happen to be in your bedroom so that it bothers your neighbor below.

    Especially if you neighbor has asked you nicely not to then also since you do not stop doing these two things, has written a note to the apartment complex and they have had to write to you.

    You can tell, I'm not over the lack of sleep I got last night.

    Laura a dit…

    I dont know about panaches and funeral skirts... but I DO know that the Veggies To Go by Kroger is definitely starting to suck. We ate there yesterday and it seemed like the food was microwaved and ... nasty. Yuck. It's sad, but true.