a rant a day keeps the doctor away... or not

At least, evidently (which is NOT spelled "evidentally" as I saw on a TEACHER blog the other day - holy cow).

Am I the only person who still can't figure out those damn toilet paper thingies in public restrooms where the roll entails a certain resistance to giving one more than two sheets of tp at a time? Or maybe I'm the only person who uses enough toilet paper... which is a way scarier thought. Of COURSE I just had an Ever-Wipe

at Cambridge and had to re-grab TP no less than 12 times due to the stupid roll's not letting me have more than 1.5-2 sheets at a time. Gahhhhhhhh!!!

I guess really that's the only rantable thing this morning unless you count the stupid internet connections which all seem to be sick. Cambridge's network still shows up on your available network list but as usual instead of calling it WI-FI, they should call it WI-IF-YOU'RE-LUCKY. For some reason the university network is ignoring me so that's fucked as well. Luckily I'm incredibly smart and resourceful so that when I can't access internet for tutoring I still come up with plenty of stuff out of my noggin for practice and examples. ha!

Further slightly rantable thing is that Michelin Guy #1 rescheduled for tomorrow, so there goes a big chunk of my solitude day, altho I had non-stop tutoring set for the rest of the day today almost so I don't mind too much (tomorrow morning I no doubt will be at least slightly discontent about it, but I went ahead and gave him tomorrow as an option since he and the family are super busy getting ready for their move to Canada and since it can't exactly become a habit with their departure being next Thursday). This way I'll run some errands after Dave the Engineering Guy today or maybe go to the gym depending on how I feel by then since I was too zonked to go this morning. Check me out looking on the bright side! Crazy!!!!

Anyway I'm getting sick. I might be able to lay the blame on Sabrina Summerfield since she had a sore throat and cough the last couple of days, but if she is indeed the culprit, it's almost a fair trade since she is so funny and shared a really fantastically cool book with me yesterday. It is by one of my favorite authors, Doreen Cronin, she of Click Clack Moo fame, which absolutely rocks. This one was called Diary of a Worm so there's the whole diary thing which I love. Being a long-time journaler I go kinda crazy over anything in diary format; add to that the fact that this book is so intelligent and articulate with lots of tongue-in-cheek aspects - it could almost be referred to as Wry! How often does that happen in kids' books?! Anyway I think I might have to buy it. Hastings of course only had it in pb, so guess I'm abe-bound.

The other highpoint at Sabrina's was I finally got a really good example of her articulateness for your reading pleasure. Bear in mind, Sabrina is 5, yet she has better vocabulary than many AU students. No surprise given how erudite and intelligent the whole family is, but fun and refreshing all the same. Here's a particularly fun interchange as example...

Of course it loses something in the retelling but is that the greatest thing in the whole world or what? How many of you used the word "eventually" at 5? It was a riot, seriously. Which is another fun thing, she uses the expression "That's a riot" now, thanks to Yours Truly. Tee hee.

Back to my illness... beginnings of a throat-y cold thing. :( Glass-is-half-full people would say "at least it's the weekend" but since I am not exactly always of the glass-is-half-full camp, my perspective is more like "fuck! it's the weekend!" Anyway I'm pushing vitamin C and I got loads of sleep last night. Tequila and Mexican food later with the girls (come on, it's medicinal!) then more sleep and maybe it will go away.

The only other slightly-rant-worthy thing is my hair looks So Incredibly Fun today -- of COURSE! -- since it's the day before a haircut! Oh well. Would that all our trials were so dire.

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Laura a dit…

My advice to you:

Stay the hell away from Tequila. It completely kicked my ass at the river the other day. Then again, you seem to be a stronger woman than most.

As far as bad Wi Fi connections go, Hibachi has free WiFi... oh yes... and free (albeit kinda crappy) Japanese food when I'm working. Heh heh...

cmm a dit…

Ever-Wipe For Life!

Jessica a dit…

all lot of things are bad eventually.
Too cute.

Johnny Gator a dit…

you think people care about their usage and grammar, or spelling on these blogs? They should but it dont mather mutch on hear, so lonng as yu cin understandit.