homing in

Back from Atlanta and camping at West Point Lake yesterday/night. Much needed change of scenery makes Aub*rn and various realities here much easier to deal with. Maybe it will help with the recent funk, too, altho I know that is due in large part to the advent of the semester, which nothing can help (oh, well, yeah, sure, except for getting my ass in to the office to work on the Blackboard course and syllabi). Still, I've eked out attitude adjustments in scarier circumstances before so there is every chance that I will be able to do so for school, too, the more proof being that I've survived 5 previous fall semesters here. :)

The mildly maudlin mood ("a lot of alliteration from anxious anchors placed in powerful posts!"*) above is only reflecting a fraction of my own, honest; most of me is pretty content, if resignedly so, and just a little pooped. Or is some Freudy reader out there going to say I protest too much? Oh well - to lighten things up here is a pic of Sammers resting after his recent bout of jigginess with my lake-soaked Tevas. Apparently West Point Lake water is incredibly arousing.

Kinda want a nap my own self but I'm off to the gym instead. That should get me jumpstarted for tutoring.

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Jessica a dit…

I believe in getting out of town, good for you!! And camping even, very cool. We haven't gone camping in a long time. I think we may go this weekend, depending on the weather... there have been a lot of severe thunderstorm days recently...

Anthony a dit…

Yeah, it's "have".

And, women are instantly more attractive if they aren't completely helpless around their bicycle.
I just put deuter Rack Pack II panniers on the Globe, and they rock! I stopped at the supermarket for cat litter and stuff, and a 10-pound bag of litter got lost inside those things.
My bike shop girl is the bomb, too - but alas, she is married. :(