"This little froggy is ripe," or Susanquilt '07 Report #3: Big Piecing!!

Listening to This American Life and quilting... Does life get better than this? Well there might be someone or something which would complete the portrait but this isn't bad at all. Plus one of my favorite David Sedaris bits just played, the Paris metro/obnoxious Americans one.

I forgot how addictive the whole quilt thing gets once you're piecing. It's compulsive, this need to keep putting pieces together, ignoring my grumbling stomach, my tired legs and back (altho jumping up and down from the sewing machine to the ironing board and cutting mat is way better than just cutting at the mat all day like the first stage), always thinking, "Oh I'll get a snack after this seam," or this one, or that other... Of course after those seams, with this quilt top in particular, I move on to another whole section and it always seems even more exciting to see how it turns out than the last... So my recently consumed and very delectable bacon & tomato sandwich was postponed a good 2 hours.

So enough gab. As you prepare to feast your eyes on the new developments here are...

...more 9-patches for you.

And some feline teasers...

In case you think Lucy never gets in on the act. She's just more of a hands-off supervisor than her brother.

Sam continuing his Cutting Table Strength Endurance Testing. Seems to be holding up rather well to his rigorous napping. Added bonus is it's big enough for those of us with important stuff to do still to have room to work, albeit after scooching his fuzzy butt a bit (which sounds fun if you say it out loud).

And on to today's pièce de résistance... Seriously you better brace yourselves. This is starting to rock...


What did I tell you!?!?!?!?! This is the main center section. In some future shot I'll try to capture the very fun kind of Escher-y thing that is happening thanks to the interplay between the fabrics and the design I chose. There are a few weirdnesses showing up here and there (partly the pattern's fault, actually, which I'm finding slightly inaccurate) but it's pretty easy to cover for them as I go; any I don't cover will be my standard concessions to the gods.

Close-up of the end plus Sammers of course. Thank goodness for washing machines and the fact that I'll be thoroughly laundering the finished product before shipment to Jessica and her cat-allergic better half!


4 commentaires:

Jessica a dit…

OMG, I can hardly wait until it is done, and in my hot little hands!!! It is beautiful!!!!!!!!

What else can I say? I love it!

Jessica a dit…

So I finally got Harland to look here and he said "wow how long has she spent on that? It's going to be amazing, it's already amazing".

Just thought you might like to know what my better half had to say.

Of course, he's not always so good, (and I am going to blog on this tonight) he said later "Lindsay Lohan turned 21? She looks terrible - like she's 30". Perhaps not the best thing to say 2 days after one's wife turns 30.

I know he was just saying she looks a lot older because of the partying has taken a toll, but still. hahahaa.

trAcy a dit…

Your quilting and your blogging ability make me happy/jealous.

I almost started embroidering the other day, but got bogged down in Feng Shui cleaning.

It's weird how some things can sit there collecting dust forever because you just believe they are still valid and must be kept and then all of a sudden, they are out the door in a trashbag (for "goodwill," so of course really only cluttering up my car along with the gallons of free paint I scored and the never-ending recycling junk).

I "view source"d and can't figure out your caption-prowess. I can't even figure out how to move things around around pics, though, so don't really answer. : )

Anonyme a dit…

Ohhh LA LA! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors!