uh oh!! Susanquilt '07 Report #4 - 3/4 done big piecing!

Well!! Here is the main section of the quilt top:

This is kind of a close-up of the main design. I still have two more big strips to put top and bottom, then it gets pieced 6" strips of the little orange flower fabric:

This will go around all four sides, with various 9-patches mixed in at random spots. That's one of the things I liked the best about the quilt pattern, that the border was not symmetrical.

It's funny because earlier today I thought Wow, I must have really cut stuff weird because it's way smaller than I imagined but then realized it has another 20 inches of length and 8 of width still to be added.

It is much darker than I imagined but I really like how the orange pops out that way. I love the interplay with the green, too. The green has become my favorite fabric in it; glad I have a bunch left over :)

So sometime tomorrow night or Weds. morning I'll be sewing the muslin together for the back. I had toyed with the idea of doing a navy back for it but I think I'm going to go ahead with white muslin after all. Once I sandwich the back and the batting (filling) and the quilt top I will be ready to quilt. (The actual quilting is the stitching that makes it puffy, or rather which makes the puffiness kind of segmented, that quality we all associate with the idea of a quilt.) Still not crazy about the quilting ideas I've had so far. I'll probably dig out a few of my books to help inspire me. I'm sure I'll come up with something. The cool thing is whatever I come up with, the piecing design itself will carry most of the impact of the quilt anyway, but still you want something that complements the piecing. As long as I don't do something that would distract from the design all will be well.

Anyway I'll post again once the entire quilt top is done. I can't wait to see it with the orange flower border.

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Jessica a dit…

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!
It is utter Awesomeness!!!!

Holy cow, you are amazing!! I never would have put that together that way - it does look Escher-ish!!

So freaking cool!!