uh oh! Susanquilt '07 Report #5: DONE PIECING!!

Finished piecing late this evening! I really really really wanted to go ahead and start the back and get the batting in; I even drove to Wal-Mart, but then realized how tired I was so due to that and to my preferring to give money to Hobby Lobby rather than W-M, I decided to wait til tomorrow. Also I couldn't remember which batting I used last year and it worked great so I thought I might as well doublecheck at home before going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow morning.

Anyway, back to our quilt, already in progress... Basically two more big swatches of the dark blue with orange birds were added top and bottom, then the little gold/orange flowers on the blue plus various 9-patches were worked in as a border on all four sides... more Escher-y-ness due to the border 9-patches using the little gold/orange flower fabric so there's a kind of optical illusion when you see it in person.

Feast your eyes:
It's a little hard to get an overall shot of it in my room now, it's so big. Here's a good detail of the border tho.

Another corner plus border. :)

Bottom left border/corner.

Overall effect. I really need a good idea how to get a full shot of it when I'm done quilting and everything... Please submit ideas to the comments link :)

Lucy showing how well camouflaged she is... (Oh, and for the record, that is my only stuffed animal. I am NOT one of these grown women who still cover their rooms with toys [and no offense if you ARE]. Smokey has been with me since I was 2 or 3 so he has earned a permanent spot in my room.)


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Jessica a dit…

You can photograph it on my bed!

Okay, you probably don't want to do that. I think colors are best shown in daylight - maybe take it to a park?

By the way - blogger wouldn't let me comment yesterday. Harland said about your parents story that a) you look like your mom b) what a nice story and c) he can hardly wait for the cockrach/shotgun story.

total boy.

Lourdes a dit…

The quilt is turning out quite beautiful. Kudos to you! That is a talent I certainly don't have!
The anniversary story was very enjoyable. I am a sucker for love stories like that.

Anthony a dit…

Woo Hoo!

Tagged ya.

Thank me later. :)