tidbits while I finish the quilt :)

  • Yes, almost done quilting and then just have to make the binding, sew it on, and wash the quilt, take pix, package it up, and SEND! So we're looking at a day or two, yet, but a big WOO HOO anyway in the meantime :)

  • Tutoring was totally rescheduled for this whole week which meant I got lots of quilting done and really felt like I had a nice open week. Of course most people rescheduled to tomorrow so tomorrow will not feel quite as fun as the other days but oh well.

  • I picked up 5 pieces at the studio, have another 10 or so in various stages of production. Another glaze firing should be done by tonight (wishful thinking) or tomorrow (more probable but still not a sure thing) or Monday (almost definitely ready to grab). Then I just have a few pieces that seem to never make it off the greenware (dry pieces completely unfired) cart and into a bisque firing (first firing, before glazing). So who knows how soon they'll be done. Lots of really great glazing got done my last two batches - I'm quite excited to see some of the pieces, especially a mess of bowls, two of which are very thin and I spatter-glazed. I had made four mugs but after the bisquefiring they were not as fun as I had hoped. Maybe the glazing will turn them around. Plus my biggest mug-requester had been hoping for non-handle mugs, and I completely forgot. Plus they all turned out kind of huge and shallow rather than upright, then I ran out of time for throwing, so this fall I will make upright mugs and handle-less mugs a priority, plus I want to make bigger bowls and get back to some vases and hand-building, something at which I used to excel in Cleveland but have been neglecting for the most part down here.

  • I'm still quite successfully avoiding any and all schoolwork, which I'll pay for soon of course. As of Monday I have 17 days, which is about 14 days more than I usually use with my famous Throw-Everything-Together-in-3-Sleepless-Days method of semester prep. So by those standards I'm still in fine shape. Factor in, however, the part about needing to finish my new Blackboard course skeletons as well as the normal début-du-semestre stuff and tho it's all still feasible, sanity and healthy sleep levels will be maintained only by Really Truly getting to work on everything as of Monday.

  • On a brighter note, my biceps are amazing.

  • Actually venturing into stores lately, on a quest for something to wear to Lisa's wedding on the 4th. I really hate weddings more and more, not least due to nearly always spending $4 million more than I should on clothes I feel awful in and which I will rarely if ever wear again in front of lots of people I don't know but who instill in me huge amounts of self-consciousness and embarrassment nonetheless. Fun! Anyway there is a bright side to this as when I was in Dress Barn the other day (to no avail, so there is no avoiding a Dillard's trip in the next few days) at least I was fitting into a fun old small size again. So at least for once on top of all the other ickiness about shopping for such clothes, I didn't spend the day feeling fatter and fatter and in fact was on about Cloud 27 as I drove home :) . I did find one really fun little black fitted sleeveless knee-length with white polka-dots, but the neckline kept gaping out in the back plus I have a big farmer tan problem from running around on foot and bike everywhere all summer with my little t-shirts on. (Figures, the one time in the last decade where I have quasi-muscly arms...) Still I looked Damn Hot if I do say so myself, at least if you took out the top-of-arm part. Waists! What a concept! Anyway I have a couple of skirts that I guess would work but I need a Really Nice Top to make either fit for a wedding.

  • Obviously just to babble mode now so I will close and go sew!! Pix will be posted of course as soon Her Beauteous Majesty is all assembled and laundered, as well as probably way more info than you'll need about the final production details...
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    Jessica a dit…

    Yay you and your arms! You will have to tell me how to shape up mine, they are in desperate need of shaping and all I have been doing is pushups, and girly ones at that because I am so weak.

    Of course the 20-25 pounds I still have to lose might be a factor as well. Sigh.

    Miss you, hope you got postcards! Pictures on the blog but I think I must be boring everyone with them so... oh well.

    Gotta go get ready for work - at least it is Friday.