Artsy Sam

Well I'm post-quilt and mid-procrastination (or mid-work, depending on the moment) and pre-semester, so color me in limbo. Altho not entirely, I did look at Blackboard for a few minutes last night to re-get my bearings, plus now 65% of this afternoon's tutoring has been canceled so I have a big chunk of work time to dig in on syllabi.

Still, lacking anything truly informative to share, I think it's a really good time to give you shots of Sam Henry's recent photo shoot, compliments of Andy's photo prowess. We knew Sammers was photogenic but holy cow! I'm suppressing my captionitis since oh, you know, picture=1000 words, & all that...

Might have to use hidden camera and stop action for Lucy's shoot like National Geographic did with those ocelots.

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Jessica a dit…

Well I have to say Sam is quite photogenic.

H. says these pictures look like a movie set in Europe where a lover wakes up at their loved one's apt. in the morning.

It's probably just your legs. Men. Sigh!!

Altho- Great legs!

Jessica a dit…

I have the funnest quilt in all of Virginia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey - I just noticed your rug in these photos.
Fun and summery!!

Applecart T. a dit…

ah, this leg shot is one that contributed to my "susan looks good" sentiment.

sam is lovely, too, of course.