back in the office

The good news is the bathroom at home is really really clean since nothing inspires a cleaning frenzy better than the thought of going to school to work on syllabi and Blackboard!

The bad news is I forgot an essential file on the home computer which I will now have to work around. On the other hand maybe that will inspire me to go ahead and attack Blackboard since I have to wait and work on the syllabi further at home... alas.

The other bad news, or maybe just par-for-the-course news is that someone left me out of a key bit of material for fall. Fact is I probably wouldn't incorporate much of it anyway even if I had access to it but it's nice to be included and I personally think it should have gone out to all the 1st year instructors. Oh well... this is better fodder for Another Blog so I'll shut up. (Except to add that it's funny how every semester a sizeable piece of Initial Negative Crap comes from that quarter. Sigh. It really is time to start getting my ass out of here. How many years have I been saying that?!)

More bright side, if I force myself: it's a beautiful day, we still have our wonderful office view, no one made me change offices this year, Adrienne brought me fun napkins de la France, I've had two comments so far today on my looking slimmer, and it's only 11h30 which means I've only farted around for 1.5 hours so far so there is every possibility that I'll get a fair amount done still, despite the home file snafu.

Are y'all ready again for the black-edged tone of Susan Blogging During School? I'll try not to let it get quite as toxic as usual in here. I mean that's what the teaching blog is for anyway, right? Plus I have a couple of creative projects in mind for the fall so with any luck developments there will be able both to distract me from any school-related crappiness and to stay in the forefront of the bloggage.

And so it goes...

I rock - John A. just called to ask me some French crossword puzzle clues and I got them all, even the slang word for "soldier" (which, OK, took a couple minutes to remember but I did remember so HA!). So I might not rate for first year materials sharing in certain people's minds, but many people find me quite worthy of all kinds of stuff!

Oh, it's poilu.

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Applecart T. a dit…

ah, back to school. in a way, i'm gladder every year that goes by when i don't have to care about that subculture. still, with interns of barely 20 (years), the age gap is starting to show. the other gap will come soon, when friends of mine start having their kids be old enough to be in school.
then again, i'm still pretending i'm taking the GRE in october, although i've completely abandoned studying with my friend diane who really is taking it, despite her thought that "44 is too old to go into more school debt/a ph.d. isn't going to add to my bottom line at this point." she got her master's finished this spring.
and, even though i don't really "get" all your technical references of college world and modern language teaching world, i still appreciate looking in (on that world).
and, i wanted to say that you do look good and thin and young (didn't you post a photo a while back, you and hal? if that's actually not a recent shot, color me red and silly.)
i'm glad you get the same office.

and, did i hear you say it's time to start getting out of here? is here the world of teaching, the world of your particular school, the world of the southern, or. . .