Two really fun and incredible things for today plus some other stuff...


An email and blog comment from Mary Ann!! I have yet to answer her email but I truly am delighted to have gab from her again. She of the running-with-Tweety (do you still have him? I think he may be sniff gone forever) and the Indigo Girls & Jane Siberry & every other piece of fun music I listened to in grad. school and the crazy Paris sidewalk typewriter pix (which I still have and if you think I'm not going to scan one and post it here perty darn quick you've got another think coming) and many many other incredibly fun memories...


An email back from Quilts With Style, to whom I wrote with a link to my Picasa quilt pix to show off how I used their quilt pattern. Here I must quote:
Thank you for sending us the link. We've looked at it and love your color combination. It's really hard to believe that it it is only your second quilt, very well done!
Woo hoo! 'Course I really wanted them to print a pic in their next issue but they probably get a million pix a month as it is; it's incredibly cool that they wrote me back, is it not??!???!?!??!?!?!

nyernt nyernt

It's funny that I was just telling the Oo-oo story to someone the other day (that's what MA used to call me thanks to that story and then she used a close facsimile of it in her comment which made me laugh my head off!!!!)... or maybe it was even in here... I can't find it. Someone write and tell me if it sounds familiar (idea tags: my niece Leah, learning to say "Susie" when she was little).

OK well I'm supposed to be doing Blackboard crap b/c there's an open house at IMG tomorrow morning in case we have last minute problems/questions and I'll be mortified to have to ask any major questions any later than that and yet I've been playing online all evening. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! And I can feel the Procrastination Rationalization Fairies getting to work in my brain to boot...
You don't really have to have that much done by tomorrow you know, you can always go to IMG later in the week, and your lab orientation isn't even until a week from Weds. so you won't need to link the students until next Tuesday at the very earliest, plus who cares if you ask the IMG staff about something you should have resolved 3 weeks ago?! Are they your bosses at IMG? I don't THINK so! You don't answer to them! They can bite the big one if they think you're asking a remedial question you should already know the answer to thanks to the Summer Academy workshop you were in for an ENTIRE WEEK back in MAY...
Hmmm now I'm kinda thinking I might have to fire my Procrastination Rationalization Fairies... They pretty much suck. Somehow they've morphed into holier-than-thou guilt trip fairies.

Salut, poilue.
A demain, putain.

2 commentaires:

Applecart T. a dit…

congrats on your quilting fame.

you are good at it.

and fairies can be handled with carefully-crafted wands. i have surplus of feathers, should you care to get creative

Jessica a dit…

OOOhhh, Sammers would love a feather wand to stalk and chew on, I think you should try it!

I also second the congrats on the quilt comments! How cool that they wrote you back? That is totally awesome!

And who isn't amazed at the awesomeness of that quilt! I know I am every time I see it!!

on a random, unhappy note, I slept for 11 hours last night. I think I need to go see a doctor.