stream of consciousness speed post

  • sitting in the office with 10 minutes to spare
  • crazy!
  • quizzes to grade tonight/tomorrow (TONIGHT!!!)
  • wearing my fun salmon-colored linen top with the mandarin collar
  • basking in my newfound gym-earned ability to wear short sleeves again at school
  • drinking a coke
  • hoping I make it to Cambridge for tutoring the high schoolers before the rain falls
  • feeling almost completely OK with being back in the swing of school
  • really really really addicted to iGoogle
  • but really really really I haven't been spending hardly any time there, either, in my blog-neglecting period here at the beginning of school, honest
  • really happy about my new clearance capri pants from TJMaxx
  • changing my clothes back to bike togs now so I can pedal the second it's 3pm - it's a-thunderin' and a-thunderin'!!!
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    Applecart T. a dit…

    yes, you are in school.

    so that's how cyclists do it. they change clothes all day long. : ) they are always one step closer than most of us to being "prepared in the event of an emergency."

    car thing still pending. they sent a check for half so far. meaning they will send rest when they get the paperwork transferring the title/power of attorney. sigh. seems like we're not going to be able to squeeze green blood money out of this turnip.

    i did notice that the check came from the indemnity part of the company. the lady also let slip that there was another vehicle on the claim, so i guess the truck guy is silly enough to pay $500 to fix his barely-damaged truck that ruined our whole car. (and was already an at-risk driver.)