Stand Back

OK I mean it you guys. I seem to be pretty much leveling out in my school life reaccustomization but the one thing that ONCE MORE has FRICKING gone by the wayside is gym time. Why am I SO bad at keeping that in my life during school when I'm perty nigh obsessively good at it during the summer?????!!!! AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.

Well, sure, I'm BUSY AS HELL but what of that? There you go bringing reality into the mix again! The flip side is I'm also kind of feeling draggy and, more specifically, moody and flighty (the bad flighty not the good flighty) and I know that while part of that is due to busy-ness, a lot of it is because of no gym time. To say nothing of wanting to continue this summer's body-reshaping momentum...


I and my trusty Google Calendar have come to an understanding. September is two days away and a new month is always good for starting a new/old habit (altho I did go ahead and schedule gym time the next two days, also, promising myself I will be kind to Susan if she is too pooped to go before September actually gets here but Quite Laudatory Indeed if she is in fact able to drag her slightly-less-muscular-than-last-week patootie over there the next two days). Gym time has hereby been officially calendared for September and beyond. So get outta the way. (That was directed at whatever parts of my psyche are blocking the exercise fairies, not at y'all.)

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Jessica a dit…

i google, google calendar... you are all googled out!

Hope school is treating you well. I have a new address, but silly me i think I sent it to your yahoo addy. Darn it. I will have to go back and re-send it.

Also can you tell me your office hours so if I get a whim to call you in the day I can call you at school? I should ask that in the e-mail too.

miss you bunches.

Applecart T. a dit…

i have been too busy for the better part of a decade to go to the gym/exercise. i'm going to perish of heart disease.

hey, do you know how to make the names in the blogroll change color when they are updated?

i have seen this. just wondering.