So I'm working at the office a bit this evening; can't seem to concentrate at the house just now. Anyway as is my wont, I have the office TV on next to me with TV5 from France playing on cable. I'm half-listening to a cooking show where they interview big chefs from different French regions and tonight they're actually spotlighting an American who is head chef somewhere (what do you want? I said I was only half-listening)... anyway he is speaking English with a French translator voiceover but you can still hear the English and they were talking about asparagus so of course my ears perked up since asparagus is pretty much the best thing on the face of the earth (OK, next to the cats, and probably some key family members & friends...) and the chef guy was describing this one way he prepared asparagus at cooking school and finished by saying it was the best asparagus of his entire life. The translator heard "experience" tho instead of "asparagus" so the French translation came out as his having had the best experience of his entire life.

And at first I thought, "Ha! Translation fault!"

And then I thought, asparagus is pretty much an experience worthy of outshining most others so probably the translation was even more true than the original utterance.

I love linguistic ESP.

Altho not quite as much as asparagus.

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Anonyme a dit…

Facts on Asparagus Pee from wiki...

Proust claimed that asparagus "...as in a Shakespeare fairy-story transforms my chamber-pot into a flask of perfume."

Some of the constituents of asparagus are metabolized and excreted in the urine, giving it a distinctive odor. The odor is due to various sulfur-containing degradation products (e.g. thiols and thioesters) and ammonia. Recent studies suggest that every individual produces the odorous compounds upon eating, but that only about 40% of individuals have the genes required to smell the odor.[4][5] The speed of onset of urine smell is rapid, and has been estimated to occur within 15-30 minutes from ingestion.[6]

Legend has it that a gentlemen's club in London, reputedly the Garrick, had a notice saying "During the asparagus season members are requested not to relieve themselves into the umbrella stand."


Anthony a dit…

I'm with ya on asparagus. Any time it's on a menu or I see it in a bundle somewhere - I'm on it. A much maligned veggie treat.

When translated for Japanese television, Monty Python's Flying Circus was called Gay Boy's Dragon Show.
Talk about your translation faults!