so in my continued slightly-pathological need to multi-task

this morning as I started brushing my teeth, I was thinking how boring it was and then my next thought for at least a few split-seconds was that I could save time as well as spare myself that boredom by going ahead and getting my bike down off the ceiling and load my bike bag, etc., while I finished my teeth, which of course would entail my having an extra set of arms, but what of that?

Basically I think my subconscious is starting to think that anything boring (like the frying issues of older blog posts) is automatically something that can be done at the same time as something else... Like anything boring is stationary or at least passive enough to entail other fun alongside.

Well obviously that is just erroneous as all get out, but it did get me thinking that it would be cool to have some kind of apparatus you could stick in your mouth like a mini-carwash thingy shaped like those sports mouthpieces with teensy scrubbers inside that you could walk around with as it scrubbed your teeth. Or better (if freakier) maybe someone can invent dental nanobots that you could keep suspended in an antiseptic solution in a little jar and then hold in your mouth twice a day to scrub your teeth - kind of a combo of robots, those crazy sucker fish that stick to whales, and sea monkeys.

Who's up for it? I'll split the profits if you do the engineering part...

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Anonyme a dit…

This answer to this problem and 99.9% of all other problems in the universe lies in one man: Inspector Gadget


Applecart T. a dit…

if your nanobots would also floss, i will buy them. i hate brushing teeth, combing hair, shaving, plucking, laundry, etc., any of the mundane cleanliness things we've done countless times (it's quite countable, on average, but i'm not going to do any math here) that make life sometimes feel like series of stupid chores.

(this may sound mad, but i am even tired of watching the cat wash!)

i would say your new quest to multitask every mundane thing is decidedly un-zen.

after all, you're "supposed to be able to" stay in the moment of tooth-brushing, celebrate it, focus on nothing else and end up with "happiness" that comes from not processing past and future during the present.

so desu ne (i'm sure).

since most of my life happens in my head, i'm also decidedly un-zen in practice. i mean, if i did not obsess about writing subjects, there would be no writing.

Jessica a dit…

hmmm, carwash in the mouth. Sounds good to me, especially for when one is really tired. Maybe you could program the robots to climb out of the antiseptic, find your mouth and hop in so even if one was sleeping on the couch they'd get clean.

Although if you forgot to turn the alarm off when company came, that might be embarrassing.