hey! Here's something fun to ponder during my continued silence (thanks to Andy, our personal webcrawler)...

About 80% of this is Right On for our house.

More cat news: Sammers is getting his teeth cleaned tomorrow and Lucy will either be sad or ecstatic to have a wee solitude day. Luckily they don't have to keep him overnight, so he'll be home in the evening. Tonight please send calming vibes to our house since he can't have food or water after 9pm and I've decided the only way to manage that in our teensy house with two cats is for Lucy to go on an impromptu fast with him. (I, of course, decline. We can't have all three of us weak and moody, now can we?!) Probably by tomorrow morning I'll have them shut in the bedroom & bathroom and I'll have moved to the couch for sanity and sleep, but we'll see.

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Jessica a dit…

Harland and I are sending happy little vibes to the felines.

Loves Loves Loves!

Applecart T. a dit…

i dunno.
it seems like i have seen cats meow at each other.
maybe my definition of meow is too broad.
kittens call for momma, and the outdoor cats here howl at each other from time to time.
do sam and lucy meow to each other?

Anthony a dit…

I've heard that "meow" thoeory before. That cats only meow around people because they're trying to communicate. How can they know for sure?
I've heard cats hiss at each other, but that's another thing.

My cat had his teeth cleaned last year. Other than the trauma of leaving the house for the vet, he was fine.