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So it's Friday.

Some of you doubtless already saw this if you followed the links to where the cat geography map came from originally, but anyway this is pretty funny... too bad Lucy hates the vac so much; it'd be ideal for her. (Reading the fine print you'll see the reason it works with this particular cat is it's deaf.)

Speaking of... I wondered how she'd be with Sam gone all day yesterday. When we took Frankie to the vet overnight once in Cleveland, Lola would occasionally look for him around the house. Lucy never even wondered; she spread out as far as she could on various nap spots and occasionally came to say hi to me wherever I was, etc.

As of Sam's re-entry to our abode (I have to say that Stoned Sammers is fairly entertaining - as is his wont as king of the apt., he had to inspect everything but his body really didn't want to cooperate; either his legs would go out from under him or he'd just flop and sleep a few minutes, then continue his circuit), Lucy took a few whiffs and decided not only did he not smell familiar but apparently is completely ineligible for any re-getting-to-know-one-another. She has been under the bed ever since, except to come out to eat early this morning when she was able to sneak thru without seeing Sam. On her way back to the bed he was in her path so she took a few moments to hiss and growl quite savagely and then slink around him quickly to get back to her safe zone.

I really really hope they've worked things out by the time I get home, and without bloodshed. Sam of course seemed quite game to get reacquainted; admirably he didn't actively chase her this morning but just seemed kind of puzzledly curious. Yesterday of course he didn't feel up to chasing her nor would his hind legs have behaved even if he had wanted to (his hind end had the standard post-anesthesia mind of its own well into the evening). Lucy is such a dorkhead about stuff sometimes; she usually comes 'round at some point so hopefully she will with this as well. Can you imagine our house if those two couldn't be around each other?! It's only just barely big enough as it is... (I'm knocking wood again about it now.)

The only other dorky post-vet thing is I'm supposed to give him antibiotics twice a day... Last night's dose I got right down his throat but it made him gag over and over for about 3 minutes, which doesn't sound like much but looked very unpleasant and made me quite sad and anxious. This morning only about half the dose made it in his mouth and he probably spat out the portion that did. The vet did say the antibiotics were just a caution so hopefully if we continue at about this success rate he will still be fine. The Lucy issue is actually probably more urgent.

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Jessica a dit…

Oh no! Why doesn't Lucy jump all over and love Sammers?!?!?! You need to set her straight - that it is indeed her brother!!

Poor Sammers. I bet he is as cute as the dickens and you must be so happy to see him again.

Applecart T. a dit…

you gotta stick that med.dropper way back there, shut the mouth and pet the head and throat until it's down.

they will act like it's the worst thing in the world, but after a few weeks, even katrina learned how to just swallow. (treats always followed, too.)

grabbing the jawline (molar section) and popping the mouth open/locking the head back, it's disturbing, yes, but if it's done right, not a problem.

i bet you and sammers have figured out a system already.

i feel bad for not cleaning our cat's teeth. how essential is this?

(t. notes that own teeth have not been cleaned for several years and that there seems to be a new oddball infectious lump on jawline, but maybe it's just a very deep zit? : )

ps - house is pending. . .had inspection today and have a list i find too long of "things that must happen to make house safe and structurally sound." a few outlets and some exposed wire situations, no biggie. . .a weird lean-to that's the only thing termitey but has to be deconstructed. . .the porch support (back of house) beams need enlargening. . .and there is an annoying outdoorish closed area under first floor bath that requires actual, proactive winterization/as stands has heat wires on pipes but extension runs into basement/needs own outlet.

other than that, fine! enough for a 98-year-old house. limestone foundation is excellent, and attic, while "needing" vents to be installed, is also fine. plumbing mostly good (copper, not ancient).

kitchen needs redo on stove gas line, and there is a leak from dishwasher (never use) line to sink connection.

ambivalent about homeownership, based on all the doubts i already had: panic that now i "have to" have a job, freakouts over "what if such-and-such breaks before we can save up maintenance money?", etc.

i can already see that the next property will be brand new and built by some eco-architect. wish!