Mitraillette post, 28 September 2007...

  • Funny how traumatic students' lives get when there's away football; all the illnesses and deaths are doubly unfortunate since it will preclude their traveling to the game.
  • I just ate CheezIts.
  • Yum.
  • Thanks for all your warm fuzzies following the near-bike-wreck. If the crackdown chez toi is effective, t., I'll have to write someone here and tell them to go take note.
  • Re: Sam and Lucy's diet... (I think I forgot to tell you they each need to lose about a pound so we have switched food and have restructured the feeding schedule) Sam eats twice as much as Lucy but he's the one slimming down. After two weeks I can see a fair difference with him already, while Lucy looks about the same. Plus of course he thinks he's starving all the time. Crazy metabolism! Even cats have different speeds!
  • My living room smells like a locker. I can't figure out why. It started Weds. night. It's driving me crazy, which is perhaps a good thing since it is inspiring a huge cleaning this weekend (mind you my house is never that dirty, so those who don't know me in person, this smell is QUITE surprising indeed. It's not a case of my having old food everywhere and mildewy towels strewn all over and then wondering what could possibly be smelling funky. I am definitely on the upper end of the tidy/clean spectrum, goldarnit.) There's also a chance it's the AC. It takes on interesting odors every so often, altho none exactly like this before...
  • The other thing this weekend will be my attempting to fix the sink leak in the kitchen, which I have blown off way too long. There's a tiny chance the smell is coming from that, but the kitchen doesn't smell.
  • For those of you who asked about Sam and Lucy's meowing tendencies, I have to say that no, they never ever meow at each other but are more and more vocal with me as time goes on. That is Sam has been from very early on and Lucy is getting more and more so. Lucy does growl and hiss when Sam gets an extra stringent choke hold on her, and Sam howls sometimes late at night as he makes his circuit thru the apt., or he'll growl pretty savagely when he's in the crate to and from the vet, but otherwise all their intercommunication is indeed physical.
  • I've been working on upping my alcohol tolerance lately. Well, OK, not really by design. Just imbibing in the eve's a little more often than before... You know those Frenchies and their glass-o-red-a-day-keeps-the-cholesterol-at-bay (or whatever). Anyway don't worry; I always go on these little phases... for a week or so I'll have a glass of wine in the evening, then I stop for a few weeks (mostly 'cause of the sleepiness and hard-to-get-up-ness). Then a couple months later I'll have another little phase...
  • Speaking of cholesterol, my new doctor (finally have a GP for the first time since undergrad! - crazy!) was kind of dumbstruck when I said I'd never had my cholesterol measured... she had me do a blood test for some other stuff and to have a baseline and I guess they're doing the chol. as well (if that's even where they measure it? 'cause, um, never had one so no idea :)
  • So my composition in the first year classes went OK today except there were 5 people out of 75 who did not know what "Please skip lines" meant. I thought they hadn't paid attention but when I said, "Don't forget to skip lines," they actually asked me what that was. Puzzled frown.
  • 4th test of the semester (counting my two levels I teach) and nary an all-nighter suffered by yours truly! Crazy! I seem to be channeling my dad or something this semester - I've only been up late doing one thing so far. Everything else I've completed well in advance or at least comfortably so.
  • Attesting to Lucy's being able to accustom herself to things after a bit of time, she no longer dives under the bed when I'm doing anything with the bikes. Until recently even if she was on the window ledge in the bedroom and I was just putting Spike up on or down from his hooks, she'd make for under the bed. And even in the living room, if I came in with the bike and she was on the other side of the room, she'd run into the bedroom in front of me & Spike when I got home instead of just sitting in the living room to let us go on our merry way. The other day she was at the end of the bed and as I brought the bike in, she just walked slightly around the far corner and sat to watch as I put it up. How's THAT for moxie?!
  • OK I'm going to get the 1010 test (for Monday!!!!!!) printed now. When was the last time before a chapter test where I was so ready I didn't even have to set foot in the office all weekend?!?!?! Um... never?

  • 3 commentaires:

    Anonyme a dit…

    you've been so productive lately. you're making the rest of us look bad.


    Anthony a dit…

    Maybe there's something in the AC vent - like a dead animal or something? Birds fly into mine sometimes.

    My cat was petrified when I had ceiling fans put in the living room and bedroom. He wouldn't come in - looking up and running back. I thought he'd be scarred for life. After a few days he figured it out.

    Jessica a dit…

    Aww. Sammers and Lucy! How I miss them!!!
    Not much new here - I'm tired as usual.

    Got a big girl bed this weekend. will post something about it soon as the quilt looks amazing on it. It's an IKEA bed so it is like a futon or platform bed or something so the quilt fits PERFECT.

    Plus I am happy - I haven't had a bed with a headboard since 1995 when I left for college.