This, AND the government does your laundry?!*

In the office finishing up the 1020 test for tomorrow and there was a new issue of my News From France French Embassy newsletter, which is pretty fun if anyone wants to check it out. I'm not even sure why I started getting it but they found me when I was in Tucson and I've enjoyed it for free ever since. Nowadays it makes great fodder for our hallway bulletin board (until overzealous janitors decide to nick stuff that is). ANYhoo, I was looking thru the new one to see what should go on the wall and found a big article about the new Paris bike rental program. Check out the link below for a quick FYI or go to the pdf of the current NFF issue (skip to p. 4). It's getting a fair amount of criticism but I think it rocks that they're at least trying. Why can a huge city like Paris try this and a stupid little town like ours is still stuck in car mentality? I guess if people played football on bikes, then Aub*rn would take notice.

Whatever, check out Vélib'.

*cf. Sicko

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cmm a dit…

I can picture girls in heels pedaling down the concourse...very very disturbing.

Laura was sending me hippy vibes. I was in an odd state of zen last week. I KNEW IT!