...the answer is spinach.

Bill Maher on health. Brilliant. Tks AP.

Oh, and I promise I'll post something original again someday soon; I have some very nice pix of the kits helping me fix the toilet last week :) for example.

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Jessica a dit…

This is really interesting. This AM I heard that they did a study on people in Cuba after the Soviets stopped sending them aid, and the people started consuming 1/3 less calories. They found that a lot of people stopped dying! And now that people are consuming more, they are dying more again. I don't have the exact figures, but it was really interesting.

I had been really good about eating healthier, but I am starting to fall off the wagon again. These two things help remind me, so thank you!

Anthony a dit…

He's right. 44% of adult Americans are on at least one prescription medication. Think about it.
Cholesterol, arthritis, erectile dysfunction, AAD ... the list goes on.

There is indeed too much money in drugs in this country.
I watch my co-workers down Pepsi at 9am - nursing distended stomach's and whining about how fat they are.
We shouldn't have to "ask our doctor". Our doctor should be telling us, but the drug companies market to US, which is where the demand is. They're not dummies. We are.

At this point, I'll take a drug for some made-up ailment over my dead body. Mostly because the side effects are worse than the disease. If it really is a disease.