We're not above catsploitation here at Ross Sq.

As promised, here are Sam and Lucy hard at work supervising my recent toilet repair.

They are especially proficient at verifying parts quality (as cat toys).

But Sam will also make sure any water flow is working.

If anyone's interested in hiring them out, their fee is $50/hour plus food and string play.

Alternatively you can hire Lucy for a wee kitty burlesque...

Miss Lucia, soon to be seen in the racy new film "Meowgirls."

Oh don't worry - she really plays a shapeshifting scientist turned private eye going undercover to find a Vegas-based Dr. Evil-type who's using string theory to take over the world... Or something. The plot is something murky... (I keep telling her string theory isn't really about actual strings to no avail.)

3 commentaires:

Jessica a dit…

It must be hard to get a good audience for cat-burlesque since most cats run in the nude most of the time. One must be a special and beautiful cat indeed to draw a crowd, as Ms. Lucy surely is!

I wish I had such handy-cat help. Fixing things here is not as fun - plus Harland getting in the way is not as endearing, for sure.

Applecart T. a dit…

good work, team!

do you happen to know how to reseal and level/bolt down one of these things? : )

i am looking for a good, online or i guess book resource for DIY home maintenance stuff. this isn't rocket science, right?

Anthony a dit…

Cats make great supervisors. Generally non-judgmental and easily amused.