In no particular order...

  • Timed crosswalks
  • Fantastic bagels
  • Leaky down coat but nice and toasty
  • Wonderful brisk sunlit day to stroll the Mall
  • Fun people watching at the hotdog stand
  • Super nice people in the Smithsonian
  • Incredible garden in front of the Castle
  • Tired but happy feet that forgot how much walking travel and touristing entails
  • Fun at the National Gallery
  • 1st view of the Korean War and WWII Memorials
  • Really fun police horse at the WWII Memorial
  • Crazy kissing couple on bench à la française (the couple not the bench... well kinda the bench...)
  • Buying lots of postcards I of course do not need :)
  • People-watching on the metro and in Così (which, tho true, I admit I only added since I never have reason to do "ì"s - kee)
  • Thoughts of Paris, Madrid and Boston
  • Wondering why it is again that I don't live in a big metro/transit-capable city with gobs o' culture...
  • :)
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    Anthony a dit…

    I was there last week. Stop by and see the pics I took...

    Next time, you should visit the Hirshorn!