Catsitting Pie

Might as well show you some pie pix since I have no news this morning other than having had a great lie-in and smelling some yummy French vanilla tea I'm brewing. Oh! Elizabeth is coming after while for us to go have lunch, so that's news, too. Tomorrow it looks like will be my museum day; I'll metro into the city with Jessica and continue on to the National Gallery most likely. I haven't quite decided. Friday Jess and I will have our Play Day, then I'll head to Paul's Saturday morning, most like'. So there's as much news as I have at the moment. On to the subject at hand...

Some of you know that John is watching over Sam & Lucy for me while I'm gone. I decided his payment would be pies and he agreed to this arrangement with very little arm-twisting. So here's the first John Catsitting Pie, made and delivered last week...

Apple Lattice-top Yum

So there. From the report, it was just as yummy as it looked, even tho I tried a new thing with the crust so I was holding my breath a bit. Off to drink my tea now and probably have a bit of Jessica's Reese's Cup Banana Bread. Tee hee.

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