I'll get to ya, Shorty

Traveling today, woo woo! Well actually I don't feel "woo woo!" about the traveling itself; largely lackluster with a little motion sickness mixed in; I did get all my Christmas cards finished on the plane tho, so I've got That going for me. Plus it felt really great sitting outside waiting for the train in the brisk winter air (which went far in alleviating the aforementioned motion sickness, yay) which doesn't feel half as cold at 35° here as it does in Aub*rn at 55°. Crazy. This evening I've had a lot of fun with Jessica and Harland, so that part's woo woo! for sure.

Another part that was quite woo woo! I was at the security checkpoint in ATL. I forgot to take my laptop out of the computer bag before putting it in the bin. (I know, duh!!) I really dreaded how much harder they were going to make things but they just rolled their eyes, growled a bit, then undid it for me and sent it back thru. They took their time about it, which was preferable to getting bawled out in front of numerous other passengers so I didn't really care, but at one point I was worried the guy wasn't going to hand it back to me and I kind of looked at him questioningly, and he says, "I'll get to ya', Shorty. Don't you worry," which I thought was an absolute riot. It made me sound like one of those corner kids on The Wire, ya' feel me? Seriously it even made up for the ticket counter guy earlier who had been surly indeed.

I'm off to bed soon (even tho it's only 10pm at home I'm completely pooped) but will try to post a bit more regularly on vacation (have to anyway, to make it worthwhile having brought the pooter with me!) so you'll have some niblets.

Tomorrow is lunch with Elizabeth, which is sure to be woo woo! too. I'll sleep in first while the work-a-days go to the salt mines, poor things. Speaking of sleep...

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