'twas the night before homewarding...

Yes, just about to trek back chez moi. Snippets:

  • Nostalgic last dinner of stuffed mangos à la Sara Lee Booth Clay (thanks Kare!)
  • Went thru 2.5 travel toothpaste tubes and 1.3 travel floss tins
  • Fun gifts, esp. new pj's, fun sewing project book, scubasuitfabric lunchbox/bag & a new winter coat (that one was from myself but I'm still including it)
  • Successfully --at last-- set up my Out of Office Reply in Groupwise (grrrrr)
  • Only overate about 4 out of the 10 days, altho I didn't exactly pare down the other days but that's what New Year's Resolution #1 is for (getting back in gym mode for good an' all!)
  • Got to watch lots of TV, esp. checking off major amounts of The Office US version, and watching lots of HGTV
  • Got lots of rest and actually fared pretty well with periodic solitude, esp. my fantastic DC day
  • Lots of fun canine socializing
  • Oh yeah, and lots of fun human socializing too :)
  • Caught up on my GoogleReader, plus lots of Andylinks I had put off the last 6 weeks of fall semester, plus most postponed emails altho I still have a handful of people who are owed messages
  • Reorganized my bookmarks and found lots of new stuff for GoogleReader (so I can get behind even faster now!) esp. knitting and quilting blogs & sites
  • Moisturized thoroughly every day (yes, this IS a major accomplishment!)
  • Did a load of laundry :)
  • Survived around 30 eye-watering Doberman farts
  • Had one majorly delish bagel
  • Thought about Sam & Lucy 413 times
  • Drank numerous yummy coffees
  • Finished all my Christmas cards on time
  • Watched roughly 23 dog wrestling matches, complete with English pointer and Shih-tzu competitors and Doberman referee
  • Got roughly 15 or 16 hours of yakking accomplished with friends and family
  • Won one Scrabble game
  • Wrote 7 postcards (or maybe 9, I can't remember for sure)
  • Cleaned out spam regularly from my school email
  • Had 4 discussions of my future career options
  • Checked in on Facebook for the first time in eons
  • Listened to 2/3 of Sufjan Stevens' Songs for Christmas set- YUM
  • Typed 9 or 10 family recipes into my Gdocs (Karen happened to have a bunch she had got from Mom that were from her, Grandma Booth, Mother Booth, Great Great Grandmother Jamison, et al), including the aforementioned Stuffed Mango recipe of Mom's which I'll include soon for your comfort-food slash meat-and-potatoes slash casserole collection
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    Applecart T. a dit…

    new career moves? : )

    i recommend them (though not my spelling).

    thank you for the christmas card. i can't recall if you had the new address. i will check.

    sounds like your holiday was grand. ours was adequate. i spent tons of money, 300 on rental car, about the same on gifts and then again on j.crew close-outs (read: non-returnable) for me (including a coat i totally do not need).

    then we bought a rav4 for 300 for the next five years. it seems that interest doesn't add much to the price over time. maybe i can't read math (still).

    but it's good to have a vehicle.

    sorry, i never liked stuffed peppers much; i don't know what my mom put in them. i think it was the pepper itself. i can't imagine anyone calling them mangoes, and i never knew that fruit existed until high school when my best friend was from vietnam.

    i heard on npr or something that in india there are over 20 kinds of mango varieties. flavors galore and we can't get a decent american tomato.