Happy Birthday Pu'u O'o!!!

Well I'm coming off a hefty cold/flu thing; I've been out of commission the last 3 days pretty much and a good bit of the one before that. So schoolwork awaits, I've only got two of the apt. windows cold-proofed (winter finally found us - with a vengeance), and the house is a huge mess. All three are on my docket for tomorrow, recuperation allowing that is. Oh! Plus my thank-you notes which are late. :(

Anyway...Check it out, Pu'u O'o vent on Mt Kilauea celebrates its 25th birthday today. Woo hoo! Anyone interested should ask Dean about hiking on it, something I and most people in the area would not recommend, but well... Anyway I've had a Pu'u O'o reminder in my birthday calendar ever since my Aloha State visit in 98, and this year I decided to share it with you all. Here's another link for a live view, which may or may not work since it's the vent appears to be inactive today plus as I link it just now it's dark there so I can't check to see if there's anything fun. We'll have to see if it's working once it's daylight there.

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