Gon' be zoppity!

Well we can hope anyway...

  • Sicker than I've been in a Good Long While but it's finally going away. Consensus last night at Johndue is that now 6 of us Cool Group members have come down with the Supercold and it lasts a solid two weeks. I had been just about ready to go to the doctor and see if I had mono or something but that made me feel better. Then today I finally felt like I made another step in recuperation so apparently this thing really will end sometime. I'm still incredibly pooped, have almost nothing done for school, and sound like someone much older and possibly male, but the light at the end of the tunnel is just in view.

  • One good thing about being sick is you can watch lots of DVDs, thereby distracting yourself from all the work not getting done. I am caught up on The Office (highly zoppity) watched 1½ seasons of NUMB3RS (moderately zoppity) and ½ a season of Big Love (not very zoppity). Also watched Rififi (zoppity noir) and am almost done with the 1980 Masterpiece Theatre production of Thérèse Raquin (zoppity melodramatic but fun views of young: Brian Cox, Kate Nelligan and Alan Rickman).

  • Lost one tutor student for spring so that's kinda sad. He decided to drop French. Guess I'll have to get out the sandwich boards and walk up and stake out Kroger's to sign more people up. ha. Seriously two university students had written me before break about spring tutoring so we'll see if they put their money where their mouths are, otherwise I'll possibly be doing some interesting budgeting for summer, or resort to retail... Unless I'm working elsewhere already by then that is.

  • Altho I myself have not been up to much except sleep and perfecting my A/V appreciation skills, the cats are a different story... Here's Lucy helping with giftwrapping of Kate and Dean's goodies, which I finally mailed this week:

    You get an idea here of why we are dieting at Ross Sq.

    Sammers preferred to get into the more active end of the giftwrap process...

    Hmmm... Might be a Christmas card in the making ;)...

    Lucy helping with calligraphy on Andy's gift.

    Never underestimate the importance of keeping the practice sheets warm!

    Sammers found a warm spot.

    Yes, he's on the keyboard. In his search for somewhere warm to lie down he also got me busy, whether he wanted to or not. (But you know of course he did.) Somehow in his machinations he opened about 3 little control windows, plus he changed the keyboard actions so when I clicked on something it wouldn't open but would just show properties. I couldn't even reboot with the standard start button choice thingy. I had to control-alt-delete and then once it woke up again I found out that he had also turned off my internal wireless card. Of course I didn't realize that until I had reset the modem and the router and played for another 10 minutes with the connection repair stuff. Never a dull moment...
  • 4 commentaires:

    Jessica a dit…

    Hahahahaha Sammers!!
    He is so funny and cute! How can one get mad? I'd love a box I could lie on that was warm!!!

    Finally getting back to reading blogs and e-mails and such - will work on our joint blog idea on Sunday (Saturday is the Co. party i have been planning like crazy and I know I'll be at it all day getting stuff ready, etc.).

    Applecart T. a dit…

    i'm not complaining about you when i was talking about talking about being sick! your case falls under the "talked about it for moral support and learned" category anyway. wow, a two-week cold. mercy.

    my fever flu ache experience was 24 hours, with some quoosiness before for about 10 days and some erginess for a day or so after.

    job change vibes to you. . .

    Jessica a dit…

    Hi HI I wrote on the resolution blog.
    Newsflash - Jessica gets back to the online world with posts not only on her blog but finally starting resolutions. Only 2 weeks late.

    interesting note, while i can post i can not change any settings - that is all on you!

    Anthony a dit…

    TV on DVD is the best ever. I have all 3 Office DVDs and can't wait to get sick so I can watch them all at once. No.

    I just finished Season 1 of "Heroes". What an amazing show.