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Well in my non-posting-ness it's a good thing the kits are providing lots of fun fodder.

Sammers has perfected his top-of-the-door jaunts (the scrambling/scraping of hind claws to get himself up on top is accomplished in a mere 3-4 seconds now instead of the 20 or so of old) and it is now a nightly occurrence. I have cured myself of the urge to run for the kitchen stool to grab him (WTF? I'm having fun. Chill, dammit) down and simply watch him do his ceiling and bike inspections if I happen to be in the room.

This nice close-up of his milkshake hanging down between his back legs is proof that he needs to be on the diet just as much as his sister, no matter how much he may insist otherwise.

In case anyone is wondering why it takes Miss Lucy OCD Kitty upwards of 10 minutes, and sometimes as many as 3 trips back to the box, to bury her poop...

When there are more broken-down pellets to work with she does just as good a job; when they're brand new like this it's hardly even a challenge - probably a mere 6 minutes with this batch actually. And really, this burial was sub-par for Lucy Interment Standards of Excellence since you can see the undesirables peeking thru... Probably why she headed back in after I took this to dig in, er un-dig in, again. Alas, I had already scooped!

There's a lot and yet not a lot going on with me, fun trip to Birmingham to see Andy this weekend which afforded some nice snow pix I'll share with you most likely. Since my return, mostly boring or icky: school, as-yet-unbegun jobhunt (about which I still owe a few of you scoopage, the non-Lucy kind), etc., but here's the most fun thing in the last day or two, lentil and rice stew!
Luckily blurry food still tastes good.

I made corncakes to go with it, too. Scrumptious! Job, schmob - eat some lentils and all will be well! (My jobhunt denial tactics are proceeding quite well...)

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Applecart T. a dit…

wow, you trained your cats to be satisfied with that little bit of litter? i am unfamiliar with this product. the rest of the box looks so clean.