OK I admit it

in addition to adding some useful stuff to my CV, a certain conference a few years ago also afforded me a rather fun purple suit (which should fit me again by March or so - har) so I shouldn't have to buy any interview clothes, or not much anyway (there is always the chance of a two-day visit somewhere... hmmm).

So there.

3 commentaires:

Jessica a dit…

And I have to admit I like the purple suit! It's super fun!

Anonyme a dit…

i am sorry to leave here personal note. i am going to go to alabama, i wish i could meet then. i sent you email but it'd not delivered. you remember my email address? can i type it here?
hana otsuka

Susan a dit…

hana-chan!! I have your email - I'll doublecheck and email you today. If you don't receive anything then I think it's fine to leave yours here. kiotsuketene!!!!!