While I don't really want this

to become Susan's Jobsearch Progress Blog, I have to crow about getting a couple more wee things done this morning to that end. Contacted two of my potential reference people. One was Robert, our dept. head. The best thing about that was getting confirmation from him that this is indeed my 4th contract year and not my 5th (& last). There was some confusion about that chez someone who often both gets mistaken and freaks me out. Someone to whom I need to speak about being another reference person, so for both political and karmic reasons I'm trying not to say anything mean about them. There's been plenty of hot air spewed in the past about them anyway on my part. kee.

Also re: Robert, he confirmed that if I stay there is now no doubt about us instructors' full-time status for fall. Also he showed some dismay about my searching already, which felt good, not because I want to make people unhappy but because even tho I know I do a good job here (I know it most of the time anyway, down deep inside at least) it was good for my ego that he is sorry I'm looking elsewhere. He expressed regret at the 5-yr contract renewal limitations, etc., but no matter how silly we all think it, I know it will not change in time to help me, plus of course unless students changed considerably here or unless I were given more interesting things to do on occasion (say, teaching second year, for example, which I taught the whole time at AZ, but what of that?... nyernt nyernt) I again am not that interested in staying in this locale... (refer to earlier post for rest of this already-worn riff :)

I'll rein in the caffeine babble there.

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