We rejoin Susan's jobsearch, already in progress...

This is the recap for t. and anyone else who doesn't have the details about why I'm jobhunting. In a nutshell, kinda:

  1. We were informed just before Christmas that they might not have money for us instructors to be full-time in the fall regardless of contract renewability. We could definitely work part-time but maybe no benefits. (Part-time would get us basically the same size checks, b/c less money but no benefits taken out, however at 44 I'm not keen on going back to no bennies.)

  2. My fulltimeness is only renewable for one more year after this one (07-08) anyway due to the absolute suckiness of large American universities who do not value instructors more than that.

  3. Since most other universities (but not Clems*n, crazily enough - seriously it's verily unheard-of to have indefinitely-renewable contracts for instructors at state schools) deal with instructor labor pretty much the same as AU and since students in other universities where I could teach as an instructor have students with pretty much the same level of self-importance and overactive entitlement genes as here, I'm not keen to go thru a big move just to do the same thing somewhere else unless it were part-time as a fallback or as a budget booster in the evenings or something.

  4. I'm not overly content with my job anyway so it's probably time to start figuring out something else to do with my life. (Har!!!)

  5. When I got home at New Year's there were surveyor flags in the yard so my landlords might be deciding to join the swarm of property-selling people who think the condo market still isn't saturated here. True, I could move here in town in order to teach my last contract year but I don't want to go to that much trouble just to keep doing that.

  6. Good friends here notwithstanding, I truly don't want to live in Aub*rn for the rest of my life. That is, I would need something more to keep me here, or at least to keep me more content here, like a Great Job, for example.

#'s 2, 3, and 4 are why I'm looking at things other than doing what I'm doing now. Originally this quest was to start next fall. #'s 1 and 5 are why it's starting now.

And despite #5, I know down deep inside that even if I get a really good job, I'm still seeing The Little Village on the Plains as not exactly permanent. Which means if I got the College of Ed. job and it turned out to rock hugely I would be in trouble... Hmmm. I still have to confirm my suspicions with the landlord but in a way it doesn't matter now unless the COE job happened to pan out. If they aren't selling and I got that job, I could pay off serious debt next year...

Color yourselves scooped!

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Jessica a dit…

I know I'm considereing myself scooped. Hee hee.

Good luck Sweetpants!! Job searching is so unfun, but hopefully it will leave you with good results!