if nothing else there's always pie!

Here are two blueberry specimens from last weekend. I didn't mean them to look like wacky jack-o-lantern/ghost faces but whatever :)

This one was for dessert at Johndue. I put Scotties and hearts on it since the fondue was in honor of Pree and Brad who are leaving us :( They don't have Scotties but they do have a Jack Russell and when you have a fun antique dog cookie cutter that came from your grandmother's kitchen, you take every chance to use it! (Please disregard the leaky filling; it was still pretty yummy.)

This one went to John's, too, but it was for him to eat. Apparently it passed muster. :) I thought the hearts would look fun asymmetrical but it ended up looking accidental and lopsided instead of planned and artsy.

This weekend if all goes as planned, a peach pie will be accomplished. This is yet another John pie. He looked after Sam & Lucy over Christmas and was OK (understatement perhaps) with my idea of paying him in pies. It's a pretty good arrangement since I like making pies and since I still need him once in a while to look in on the kits of a weekend...

Hoping to make Mom's incredibly yummy potato soup this weekend, too. Make that Mom's incredibly yummy potato soup to which I usually add a bunch of cream and butter. Har!

It doesn't usually make a very photogenic subject but I'll probably take pix of it anyway, so stand by just in case.

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Jessica a dit…

Oh pies, yummy!!! Blueberry has always been my favorite (well besides lemon). Fun Idea about the scottie dog and heart cutters. It's super cute!!

You are making me hungry and I still have a few hours 'til dinner! Boo!