fun oblong things

Here's the Fiestaware evergreen mini-platter I got on sale from Dinnerware USA. I had yet to get any of this new color but stupid Dillard's didn't have any pieces I wanted. I didn't know the mini-platter existed before this. It is extremely cool. I also got a bread and butter plate. I love using the Fiesta bread and butter plates as my stovetop spoonrests, among other things. Anyway I'm happy with my fun evergreen additions. Not bad for $10 plus shipping.
It's indescribably cute, so good thing you can see for yourself...

The other oblong is the second half of my huge cooking day yesterday. The first half was a humongous batch of potato soup, as threatened in a previous post. Well it wasn't really a whole day of cooking, since I didn't start either one until about 6pm, but it is quite a big couple batches of victuals at any rate.

Feast your eyes, since you can't exactly feast anything else via blog, on my homemade chicken pot pie.
For some reason I didn't realize my little marks looked like chicken tracks until I was half done; next time I'll have to do them in a more natural chicken-y path.

The pie is not that yellow but my kitchen light is. The flash version made the little gravy leak at bottom left look like something no one would want to eat. Nyernt nyernt. I'm going to dig into it in a little while but I'm pretty confident of its yumminess.

Anyway obviously no jobsearch stuff got done yesterday, unless someone will pay me for pottering around in the kitchen all evening. If so, let me know in the comments...

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Jessica a dit…

I wish I could, that chicken pot pie looks so yummy, and before you even mentioned it - I thought"those look like chicken tracks!" hee hee great minds think alike.