Part of our fun

this week was tapeworm. Those of you who have had fleas in your life will know the particularly wondrous symbiosis that is the flea-tapeworm connection. Sigh. Anyway I caught them really early and much to S&L's displeasure we popped two largish pills each Friday afternoon (well them, anyway, not me); caught them early enough that the only egg sacks were just a very few Thursday night (plus the ones they licked off their butts of course - ewwww! - tee hee just helping any non-cat owners dispell the whole dogs are gross, cats are prim and clean myth :). Still I did flashlight searches of all the fave sleeping spots all eve Friday and all day Saturday and today.

Here's Sam hindering helping me.

I see my paw on it. Why doesn't it fricking stop?!

You are getting very sleeeeeeeeepyyyyyy.......

Bigger than the laser pointer but equally elusive.

Lucy and I blew our pill-taking batting average with the damn worm pills. I can pop the Capstars down their throats without their even knowing anything went down there. The worm pills are a little bigger circumference than an aspirin and nearly twice as thick. It's safe to say they pretty much know I've thrown something down their throats with those. I kept missing my opening with Lucy's first one; she was able to spit it out 7 times. Plenty of time to turn on her Anti-handling Instant Mega-shed Mechanism. I was ready for the groomer's by the time we were done. I only missed once with pill #2, thank goodness.

An interesting payoff with all this wackiness of pills and flea searches and butt-checks and traipsing to John's during flea-spraying and near-constant vacuuming is they've become exponentially braver the last couple weeks. They've never been as weirded by the vacuum as most cats, just not crazy about the racket, but now they don't even really worry about that much. And when the crates come out now they don't scramble under the bed immediately but are nearing blasé (til I grab one of them at least). After pills or any other less-icky handling in the past they would usually spend the next hour or two under the bed but I've been very good about post-pill treats so Sam just shakes his head a bit and then looks at me to see if I'm getting the treat yet; Lucy scampers off about three hops, shakes, then turns around to see what I'm doing and faux-grudgingly comes back for her snack. Good thing we started the diet when we did. Ahem.

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Jessica a dit…

Yay!!! Glad thing have improved! So happy the kits are on the mend!

Applecart T. a dit…

ugh, no, i never was privvy to the tapeworm thing. we had a cat once with killer fleas. bombing the house, even over and over to catch the hatches, did not work. anyway, i'm sorry you had to do all that; i am against parasites. i kind of can handle the puking and other annoying cat-spects, but intestinal eew is just too much. i guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

one of the "joys" of my job is being the only one at the office when the moony bug exterminator guys show up monthly. they are older than i, and they must never get much conversation. they strike me as farmy and/or conservative, but "good," though not of my type, and well, anyway, the second one i've met was telling me the trend is to convince people that treating the house perimeter outdoors is just as effective as spraying inside. he said it was true. it probably is more weather-dependent.