The Language Realm and how...

Well I've been madly emailing my quasi-mentor here in the department the last couple of days as I prepare my app. materials for SC so my head is bursting with French and as usual when I write her I am heavy in the dictionaries. I don't need new words so much as I am ultra paranoid about my spelling when writing her so am constantly checking stuff... Anyway I accidentally found some new fun language stuff.

Check out this new fun language toybox I found: The Language Realm. Can I just say: Holy cow. Knock yourselves out! (There's even Japanese stuff if you're inclined, t.)

Honorable mention goes to my new favorite French synonym dictionary which, happily, accepts ASCII accent marks so you can easily distinguish between various parts of speech, which was always a problem with online French synonym dicos I found before... Plus, fun name: CRISCO. (YOU know... the whole pie connection???? Come ON!)

My old standby in case you've never heard me extolling its virtues: WordReference.com.

Salut. (Oh go look it up.)

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