quasi-private blogs are for squids

Yeah, whatever. Like you didn't know I was a flibbertigibbet.

Note to Special Blog Readers over the last couple of weeks: it's open to anyone again now so don't mention in your blog comments anything about who we knocked off or where we hid the body. I deleted all the entries containing specifics.

Note to others, newly welcomed back in: fricking comment once in a while would you please? A non-commented blog is an unhappy blog... what's that saying about teaching and peeing your pants in the dark?...

Off to Tiger Town tomorrow (no, not that one); send happy interview vibes! I'm taking my camera so hopefully you'll have some fun visuals coming. In the meantime here are selections from our standard menu to tide you over...

Lucy helping me pack my toiletries.

Dude. Weren't you gonna be in bed, like, 2 hours ago?!

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Jessica a dit…

I love Lucy and Sam