Off to SC Sunday for a wee trek to a certain university... Cross your fingers... At the risk of jinxing things I have to say that even Samia thinks it sounds quite promising. The search committee head made it sound like the visit was all but perfunctory. I hope my perceptions were accurate on that score.

Anyway Hal is in the shop getting all fixed up with some minor adjustments and one big thing that was pending so better to get it done before a moderately long drive. Tomorrow night (and Saturday if Ross and TJMaxx let me down) I'll be suit shopping since I can't fit into my fun purple suit due to the exercise hiatus that has now lasted the better part of 6 weeks. Then I'll be prepping teaching methodology remarks Saturday night just in case altho they don't need me to teach or do any presentation of teaching philosophy (part of why it seems -at least slightly- to be already decided).

One really touching thing... the search committee chair was saying lots of stuff about C*****n almost as warnings kind of, like emphasizing that it is a bit isolated, etc. and then asking me rather urgently if I thought I would be happy there. Granted they would rather not have to keep replacing lecturers so it's probably good to warn people of stuff, but she still made it seem, at least, as if it were partly out of concern for me, something which no one at AU would have done I don't think. I mean, they were concerned about my teaching and stuff but they didn't seem that worried about whether it would be a good fit or not, you know? Anyway I thought that rather impressive.

On C*****n's isolation I assured her I did not need to be in a big city to be content; I mean, look at Aub*rn for crying out loud! (I didn't say that part.) Anyway Gville isn't far at all if I get a yen for time in a larger municipality (and based on what Marie-Thérèse said the other day on the phone, it's as if I'll have a ready-made francophone social circle to jump into in Gville if I like).

One cool thing is she stressed I definitely should live in C*****n or as near as possible (another reason it seems slightly like a done deal is she didn't use conditional but future for most of these remarks...) ; she said it's just way easier when you're working at the CU, and more specifically doing stuff on campus with the French club, etc. (to which I would be advisor). Pretty much the whole French faculty lives in C*****n proper. That helps a lot since I was feeling kind of stressed about thinking of potentially having all the little towns in the area around C*****n and a bit towards Gville in which to househunt and not really knowing what would be best. It's kind of nice having her say that so now I have a concrete reason to only look in C*****n and maybe Anderson next door.

Tweaking the next couple days' lesson plans since I will be canceling class for Monday. Our stinking sections are so mashed up in the mornings there's no way to cover for each other so people could only sub for me in 2 out of my 4 sections, which is pointless since I would be at different spots with different lesson plans in the other two so: canceling. Not to mention the fact that I picked the wrong semester to be so sickly and cancel class two times already. Not that the students will mind...


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Applecart T. a dit…

Goood luck!
I wish we had some of the Auburn sun (for Katrina).

I tried, but

there are too many guesses for small towns starting with C is for cookie…

Didn't know you went back to public mode. Maybe you never got my old comments, though I see that there was "comments fixed."

I am still accessing through the "sign up and prove it" method, but, as I am partial to squid (to eat, sadly, and also to admire and love, like the awesome cuttlefish), I must be … distracted.

Looks like you're moving northward, and another friend of mine is moving from Dayton to DC-burb (husband job upgrade). All we want to do here is refinance (and are panicked about trying, though it was part of the "it's o.k. if that's the monthly payment, because you won't have it forever" plan. It's not a mistake, not yet anyway.

Bon voyage, and pedagogy them away!