Here's a really cool report from NPR this morning: Why Children Curse. It only sounded moderately interesting to me at first but in fact it's really linguisticky and so wuite rocks. Or maybe it's just 'cause I have a crush on Steven Pinker, and they interview him in there (among others).

Other potentially sweet thing is I'm having a call with the search committee head at C*****n in about 1.5 hours. Nervouser by the minute, but excited to see what's up, too. Hopefully it's either the interview or just scheduling the interview. I think/hope if something was wrong with my packet she would have said so by email and that if they already knew I wasn't what they were looking for they would have sent a letter.

S'posed to hit 78° today?!?!?! Crazy. So far it's pretty chilly in the house still. Here's proof:

032708 10:17am Ross Sq. Mean Time

Guess summer is coming after all. The house will be warming up soon and we'll be dripping by July. Or if I'm lucky by July we'll be at a slightly higher latitude... :) (knocking wood of course)

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Plus there's a lake you can go swimming in!