Comments are fixed.

At least theoretically. It will be more than theoretical as soon as one of you tries and is successful and confirms same. Of course that would necessitate my having something interesting to post...

hmmm... In case I can't think of anything comment-worthy, I'll toss some catpix in here. Not that they are any more comment-worthy but at least they're perty.

Proof of how chilly it has been here.

How about the fact that Sammers seems to be flea-free but is itching more and more due to (I think) allergies? Or more crucially, the fact that he has licked almost all the hair off of a 3in square spot on his abdomen in his repeated attacks on the itchies?

Poor bug. We have Only Natural Pet Immune Balance on the way. Drops to administer in food or down throat; plant-extracted sterols. (The vet had suggested steroids for his itchies last winter/spring but he hadn't made anything sore so I decided he didn't need to be on longterm steroids unless he was harming himself.) We'll see how this goes. I really like Only Natural Pet Store and their site because there's so much info and lots of testimonials from other pet owners. Many of the cat people for this stuff said they were able to reduce the dosage and finally discontinue it entirely, so that's hopeful. Plus the fact that Sam's itchies have always been seasonal anyway (except when flea-induced).

Lucy's new favorite sleeping spot: under the quilt.
This isn't really proof of the chilliness since she did it one day last week when it was 70 out for the first time in ages. Nary an idea what sparked this trend.

I'm pretty dang glad that the fleas seem to be gone at any rate. We're continuing house treatments just in case and we will of course keep doing Advantage, but I'm really relieved. I haven't seen a flea for 3 weeks and yesterday couldn't even find any new flea dirt on him.

Also ordered some vitamin powder stuff to add to their food; it's daily vitamins with enhanced skin&coat goodies. Lucy (I think she's feeling left out of all the weird conditions and attention in a subconscious way) has started flaking to a fairly impressive degree...

Ahhhh. Never a dull moment.

Guess who, again? :)

Really I think both the Sam allergies and the Lucy flakes are due to this weird extended cool and dry weather we're having (and honestly my allergy symptoms are WAY worse than normal this year, too - daily headaches - at least I hope it's allergies...)

Anyway cross your fingers for the kits over the next couple of weeks that our magic potions and powders will do the trick.

Back to ONPS, I really wish there was as good a site for human ailments - there is so much info on here - if anyone knows of one, let me know.

At least the SUN is warm!

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The morning light in those pictures is really beautiful and interesting.