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We all got invitations today in our mailboxes for the "Installation" of the new university president. I can't go of course (b/c I'm too busy living in the future!) so I hope there's a download and I have enough RAM.

Hopefully, too, the school newspaper will be more motivated now to spell his name correctly!

...One guess which of those was ironic and which was, sadly, quite applicable to reality!

Maybe Clems*n's university newspaper will be worthy of actual perusal - if their website is any indication it beats Aub*rn's hands-down.

FRIED!!!! b/c still adrenalining and therefore barely sleeping - no tutoring today so hopefully I'm crashing tonight for tomorrow's trek NE-ward. Please send pro-calm pro-sleep vibes. Kinda wish there were a human sleep mode you could just click. Anyone have a download for THAT?

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Applecart T. a dit…

yes, kind of (but i have been able to defeat all medications billed as such). i would recommend something else, but then we'd get fired instead of fried. well, fried, too.

bon voyage!