Palmetto Girl!

SC phone number-ready!!*
Househunting Thursday!!
Personnel paperwork in the works!!

OH and get this: no pay cut! Originally I was going to be making slightly less at Clems*n but the contract says a different amount which is equal to my Aub*rn pay! woo hoo!

Also, $250 reimbursement for moving expenses... OK not much but it is better than nothing. So far I've estimated the UHaul and piano loaders at about $700, so this will be a nice chunk.

OK must focus on actual schoolwork now and try to put move stuff out of my head til later... I'll get up and jump up and down periodically or something. YeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaahhhh!

*If you haven't got my new SC phone number then first I apologize for accidentally omitting you on the email this morning and second please write my gmail and I'll give it to you. My gmail is same username as my school email address.

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Jessica a dit…

wow that is awesome you get a little moving money - yayayayayayayayayay!

house hunting sounds fun too.
I've decided that we need to find a yarn store near you to visit when I visit.