Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! (in a good way)

Holy cow!! K. just wrote from Clems*n and

  • my contract is in the mail!
  • they want me to teach first summer session!!! (which starts, ahem, 5/20...)

Yes, it will take a couple of minor miracles for it to work out, the first of which will be the dreamhouse landlord answering the phone this afternoon and telling me it's still available. Barring that I'll be heading to househunt next Tuesday or Thursday or Saturday...

One miracle is actually already out of the way; for the first time ever here at Aub*rn my finals will be done early so I could potentially be packing as of 5/4 (actually prelim. triage/purging could be as early as next week since I'm almost done writing my finals and just have one last set of chapter tests to grade this weekend), then moving somewhere around 5/10-12?


It does slightly scare the peewadding out of me to be jumping in with new book, new school, accelerated syllabus (the list goes on...) IN LITTLE OVER A MONTH but there's something to be said for having things happen so fast you don't have time to do anything but to DO IT (at least with Susan this has historically resulted in fairly good experiences - kee) but moreover summer session pay would really help offset my moving/new pad expenses since I can't count on much tutor money this summer.

So everyone please cross your fingers (again)...

And once again for good measure: Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

ps Just heard from K. that they aren't 100% sure the class will make, but they think it will since the enrollment is looking so good already...

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Applecart T. a dit…


right on.

another friend of mine is making a super-quick move (husband's job) from dayton to DC-burb of virginia, too. i think he starts in july, but there's a house to sell and all that jazz.

i bet your dream house is still avail.

we're not going anywhere as of yet, but my next home-search will involve somehow incorporating a 10-mile radius dog-ban.

good-bye alaBAMa. (think forest gump's expression when jenny gets on that bus with the jerkwad. he meant bama is good, but, well, you know).

i'm so happy for you!

Jessica a dit…

yay! How freaking great is that?!?!
Yay for someone getting some freaking good news!
Let me know how it goes...