Wednesday Wailing

Which, presumably, is less fun than would be "Weds. Wassailing" but as I have time to Wail and none to Wassail... well looks like you're in for a FUN post!

Really it won't be that much wailing even tho I'm REALLY REALLY pooped and dragging all over the office as I wait for students to come during my (admittedly insane) 5 hours of office hours today. (A) I knew I wouldn't have time for office hours during finals and will be done with the latter Saturday (yay) and (B) I thought I'd have lots more office stuff left to do at this point than I, in fact, do... I'll fill the time somehow - it's better to only have a few things to do than to have 4 million at least - especially factoring in the aforementioned extreme dragginess.

I'm SO craving an Egg McMuffin but I didn't dare stop on my way in since I had a student due at 8 who couldn't come to office hours later. Nevermind that he didn't show until 8h30 :( - come to think of it I should have made HIM go get me a snack after our meeting, just for penance.

Have recently discovered that there are people at Clems*n who don't listen/pay attention to what you tell them in emails, just like there are here. Sad, but true. It's the cross we self-proclaimed efficient persons have to bear: having to reiterate and repeat for those who don't read carefully the first time. Alas. Not that I thought they wouldn't exist there but I guess I was hoping so, since I had yet to deal with an inattentive soul there. Ah well.

Rewatching/listening to The Sopranos as I pack. Livia just died. Proshai Livushka.

It looks like a giant box monster pooped all over our house - some full, some flattened. It's a good thing the packing has been progressing in little bits; it gives the increasingly suspicious Sam & Lucy a chance to re-evaluate the situation regularly.

All told I figure I'm about 40% packed - maybe a little more. I've added in the fact that my school office is completely packed (except for about ½ box's worth of incidentals I need here this week) and already stacked at home with the growing mass in the livingroom. At home itself, the livingroom is all but done; 2 pieces of pottery from my corner shelves remain unpacked. Lots of clothes and linens are packed already, too, as I needed soft and light-weight box filler for the top 3-4 inches of the book boxes. Got a little over zealous there and accidentally packed all but 2 of my kitchen towels - good thing I have the rag bag set aside for all the cleaning, etc., next Thursday.


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Laura a dit…

oh poop. I haven't been blogspot stalking you as much as I should have been. And now you've gone off and decided to move to SC.
I envy you. I'm getting kind of sick of auburn, myself.
Alas, the reason I popped in was to show you this:

That is, if you haven't seen it already. I think you'll especially appreciate "corporal cuddling." I know I did.

Well good luck packing and whatnot!