whoa! guess I've been busy!

I still am, actually, but there was a student grade query (online gradebook math mistake - NOT) in my Aub*rn email which took a fair amount of time to treat and since I'm racing against the clock to get the last of the packing done, why not make the challenge that much more interesting by taking a minute to say Hi to everyone here? So HI and here's my standard mitraillette post...
  • As usual the last of the packing is in the kitchen - I have always hated packing the kitchen stuff - of course there's always a lot b/c I am kind of a maniac about mixing bowls, pie plates, Fiestaware, baking dishes (esp. antique stoneware), and -apparently (this is a recent development)- wine glasses, among other things, which makes for an abundance of stuff to pack. :(
  • Great dinner with John and Adrienne who are really outdoing themselves helping me get ready for the move.
  • Susan the Trucker - I'm driving myself now - long story but I'm actually quite content, being a control freak an' all. Not surprising that any slight nerves about driving the truck or, more specifically, Atlanta traffic are well worth being able to exert my hyperindependence gene.
  • Picking up the truck bright and early with John and the loader guys are supposed to be here at 10am. They called today to confirm, much to my delight and relief (I had talked to them once already but it's nice to touch base again).
  • Hal has a new sticker: the SC palmetto and moon - I forgot to take a pic of it today for you; I was hoping to leave you with a visual since I might not be posting again for a few days. Internet at the new house will be set up Monday supposedly. I might go to the library in the meantime to yack at you if I get tired of unpacking and nesting.
  • Looks like only one class for Session I after all - I think the 201 but I have yet to get confirmation from K. I'm not too sad about the less money factor; I really would be crazy with two to teach right away and having money assured me in summer is such a novelty in itself that Sam and Lucy and I will still pretty much feel like we died and came back as Lady Astor and friends.
  • Uh oh - I'm supposed to be doing a last bit of laundry as I pack tonight and I completely forgot. Guess I'll get back at it and throw that stuff in the machine - hopefully next laundry day will involve our own machines in our own abode, for the first time ever! (It's like I'm re-entering civilization again after a long stint in the Land of Laundromats.) As soon as the unloading guys finish on Friday in SC, I'm off to Lowe's to set up delivery and installation of our new little square friends.
  • More from the Palmetto State!

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Applecart T. a dit…

i thought you were in the land of the palmetto bug already? : )

i am sending you good driving vibes!