Sam & Lucy Puffinstuff

Sam and Lucy were pretty funny stoned in the truck, meowing off and on at the top of their lungs - when we were going thru Atlanta I was able to see their faces in quick glances down with the road lights, they both had their eyes half-open, half-sleeping, even while meowing... Both kits are much better; not quite eating normally and a little fidgety on Sam's part so I know he still has a ways to go to feel completely at home. Lucy stayed mostly in the bathroom until it got dark (and quieter outside) when she started exploring by fits and starts. At some point in the middle of the night, too, she walked around the house for the better part of an hour meowing at the top of her lungs. I woke up (finally - my head had fit the meowing into a dream for a while, then I realized it was real life) panicked but she was just walking around - I got some mice out but they are not interested at the moment so I just hung out with her for a little bit and then went back to bed. I went ahead and replaced my toilet seat last night and thoroughly cleaned the commode inside and out, quick job on the rest of the bathroom and hung the liner I bought so I could shower; as I was cleaning I moved the larger crate out finally to my bedroom thinking L was done with her periodic bathroom retreats... she proved me right all night and when I woke this morning (nice sleep-in!) she and Sam were both on the bed with me just like nothing had happened the last couple weeks - as the day noises started increasing later I realized Lucy had disappeared again; checked EVERYWHERE only to find her IN THE LITTER BOX in the bathroom - just sitting there - she had pushed the litter to the side a bit and was just scrunched in the corner - obviously the bathroom will have to be kept retreat-ready (i.e. with an actual crate) for a few days yet! she came out when I spoke and I brushed her off - good thing I had just changed the litter.

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Applecart T. a dit…

oh, kitties!

lucy's litter trick reminds me of the way they do that in shelter-cages. the box pretty much takes up half the cage anyway.

i guess they know it's really theirs.