bullet post from the pickens co. library

Quickly since they will close in 21 minutes :) plus I still have errands to run...
  • John & Adrienne soon to be nominated for sainthood by yours truly - I could not have made it thru the last several days without them, esp. John - as usual it's great to have really capable, intelligent, and retired friends!
  • 4 million outlets! all 3-prong!!
  • washer/dryer installed roughly 4 hours ago! :)
  • not enough clothing/towels unpacked/used up to merit a load yet :(
  • really nice W/D install guys made up for the quite battle-axey lady who rang me up there Friday afternoon
  • when they got off the truck this morning, one goes, "OK well we have your range and fridge in here all set for install!" (luckily I had had a lot of sleep the last two nights plus the bulk of the house/moving stress is gone so the joke ended up being quite funny but I still told him that being that pesky must be risky at times)
  • if you buy R movies at Walmart here they have to come and authorize you if you're in the self-service line
  • disconcertingly direct eye contact from strangers here, or maybe I never noticed Alabamians lacked it - or else I'm suddenly REALLY interesting-looking
  • definitely in the tobacco belt! thank goodness the no-smoking-in-public ordinance is supposed to go into effect in July or so
  • squirrels, spiders, and skeeters!
  • very efficient highway get-on-ers! (again, could be in comparison to AL where you were lucky to have a speedy on-ramp experience once out of 100 times)
  • they talk fast!
  • some of them talk a lot, too - especially the guy in Walmart yesterday who saw me glance at a chair and proceeded to deliver his treatise on easy chair purchasing where multi-size family members were concerned
  • been living on Subway so far - it's just so handy since I hadn't unpacked much til today - mostly cleaning plus tearing the futon frame apart and putting it back together (Verdict on same for John's info: yep, it was indeed necessary to undo an entire end - only slightly awkward getting it back together due to the springs, but not as much as feared :)
  • Sam & Lucy back under the bed when I left for the current errand run - they had been doing much better but the W/D guys gave them a slight relapse in their new house/noise stress... see the cat post from yesterday morning which I just finished below... more on them in a few...
  • internet at the house is the last thing til we're all done with util's, etc., there - it's set for tomorrow morning
  • also will pick up my mailbox key from the PO and they are supposed to deliver my recycle bin, too
  • bai!

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