Day 3, 10h45 Willow Mean Time

Some of us are feeling a bit more at ease than others of us.

To her credit, Lucy stayed out much longer this morning than yesterday and came out much earlier last night than the night before. She even was playing with a mouse this morning and running in and out of the living room. I think partly things were easier for her today because it got down to about 50º last night and with our great cross ventilation here in the pad, it was really chilly so I closed all the windows when I got up til it started getting warmer again. The lessened outside day noises seemed to make La Lucy a little more amenable to being out and about.

Cable guy was just here, obviously - luckily the office is still a mess (have yet to find the ziploc o' fasteners so I can reconstruct the bookcase and desk in there) so I don't think I'll procrastinate too much online since it's not as comfy sitting on the couch or standing at a stack of moving boxes to play.

Off to run errands. Bai.

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ap a dit…

I wish I had Sammers's job.

Applecart T. a dit…

happy happy free time!
a smoking ban in phillip morris country? who would have thought? wonder how far japan is going to be behind this wave of health? even our city finally did it. and whole states do. and ireland. too bad tobacco is icky. at $4 a pack, you'd think people would be done on their own.