IE is for squids

can you really not add those fun little icon link bookmark thingies to your toolbar in IE? crazy desk computer has super old version of Mozilla on it - who knew CU would prefer IE?! yikes! anyway I have all my favorites in my google bookmarks and my IE favorites but I really wanted to put some of them on my little tool bar - how lazy is that that I don't feel like going into favorites every time I want to click stuff open?! oh well... class was good but no one had their books so we couldn't do 3/4 of the stuff I wanted to do - can't believe I thought they would have them already - what, was I born yesterday?! - crazy smart classroom projector was on drugs (really really blurry - like eyewatery blurry - like the filmstrips in high school before the teacher would turn the little focus thing - absolutely impossible to adjust in this case so no go doing something online for added constructive activity). I dreamt up 3 or 4 activities off the top of my head and then I let them go 30 min. early (of our 1.5 hrs) - so largely wasted day and we have a million things to get thru so yikes! oh well - good group it seems altho 2 (of my 9 students) were absent already - lots and lots of work to do here at the office before time for the bus and then I promised K. I'd try to get to the Humanities session of the IT conference Clems*n is hosting this week - go check it out - anyone wants to come for it, you can have your pick between my rock hard futon mattress and our poor old foldout loveseat! after the conference each day we'll go laugh at pix of the mascot.

Tiger or Sleestak? You be the judge!


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ap a dit…

Clems*n's mascot is so METH!!!!

Seriously, if he's not using then I'm the heavyweight champion of the world.

Applecart T. a dit…

that tiger is a disgrace to all cat-kind! i mean, "truman" at MU is pretty silly, but …

internet explorer is crap. : )